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Sports Preparation when no Sports to play!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Unfortunately with the current COVID-19 crisis there is no sport to play. Not only is this a particularly frustrating time for athletes of all levels it is a time, if not managed well, can set us up for a higher risk of injury on our return to sport. We obviously have many more important things to worry about in a time like this and need to put family first but it is a time we need to be aware of injury potential when we return to sport. We need to maintain a level of fitness but also to work on our injury prevention programs, ensuring good muscle balance, flexibility and strength and conditioning specific to our sport. Work on footwork and balance, improving individual skill levels and technique all assist with decreasing our injury risk on return to sport after time off.

These are all things that physiotherapy can assist with, working out the specifics for each individual and helping design a individually specific program.

All the best.

Stay Safe and Stay well.

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